Meet The Team


Lucy became vegan in 2016 having suffered for years with stomach troubles - after just two weeks she knew it was the right decision as all IBS symptoms had stopped. She’s always been a bit of a feeder and while she was at home with her young family she used to cook for busy friends... cue she realised if she was cooking to look after her family and friends she may as well use a bigger pan and cook for everyone else at the same time!


Chris is Lucy’s husband. He became vegan a couple of years ago after realising he wasn’t missing anything eating plant-based food. He later admitted to the missus he ate what we wanted out of the house when Lucy first made her change but after a while he made the connection and now loves the choice he made.

When they’re not at Gracious Grub Chris and Lucy are raising their little humans to be independent, kind, earth-aware people. Yes their kids are vegan and they love it!


Something fantastic to come out of lock down v1 was Rhiannon! She was on an evening stroll and discovered Gracious Grub. She came over to say hello and the rest is history. She’s been vegan since 2018 and vegetarian for many years before that.

Between us, our ethics run through our business and personal lives

We talk the talk and walk the walk. We try hard to reduce our impact on the planet in every way we can, be it the ingredients we cook and consume, the packaging we supply our food in, other non-food items we purchase and the way animals are used to benefit the human race - even electricity! The shop's leccy is completely vegan; many green energies use slurry from pig farms.

We look forward to meeting you one day soon