About Our Work, In More Detail

  • We open Tuesday - Friday 9am - 4pm when can purchase frozen meals and prepared food, coffee, cake, treats etc. Made to order food like sandwiches and wraps are served 11am - 2pm. We don't have a set menu so you can expect lots of variety.
  • If you can't get down to the shop you can order our frozen and prepared meals, treats and extras via this site on a Thursday night 6pm - midnight. Please see shipping and other info for delivery options

What else do we do?

  • You can also find us out and about dishing up great grub at events and fairs. Please have a look at our social media pages or get in touch for when and where
  • Got a group of people that need impressing? We create tasty and colourful bespoke buffets and hot food for your do
  • We make celebration cakes in our own special way and with lots of love
  • Would you like to know a bit more about vegan things, be it food or something else? Please give us a shout. We can help with easy swap ideas, menu consultation, cooking tips and information sources

And here's WHY…

More and more people are wanting to consume less animal products but aren’t confident enough in the kitchen, or they’re so busy they’re not getting decent grub down them.

Let us sort you out!

We'll show you how amazing food can be when it is created and served with love and the cruelty free ethics of which we’re so proud. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy this food; everybody can.

Our Mission:

To produce and supply plant-based food and knowledge in a friendly and down to earth manner.

Our Vision:

To become the most trusted food community, meeting a customer’s needs in whichever circumstance they think of food. This is achieved through values of respect, hard work, support and professional hospitality, empowering the customer to challenge their norms that will not only benefit themselves but also the planet and animals.